My name is Bassel. I was made to capture the beautiful moments that life has to offer. Though it has been hard at times, that struggle is the driving force behind my passion to create photographs that truly depict human activity and emotion in their purest form.

It is my goal to give you photos that will make you smile; photos that will remind you of how beautiful life is; photos that will make you say "wow". I have been blessed to work the most amazing people and I look forward to getting to you. 

"He's the best! So kind and relaxed! I loved working with him. If I ever need someone to take more photos he's the one I'll call. I definitely recommend him."  - Alina Petersen

"Such talent!! Bassel is a natural!! I'm always in awe by his work and his incredible attention to detail. You can tell how much he loves what he does because you see it in his work every time!"  - Lama Barghouty